Friends of old Folkestone cemetery
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Shorncliffe’s other Air Raid victims The story of the bombing on the 25th May 1917 is well known. The burials of the Canadian Soldiers killed led to the Canadian Day Memorial Service now held annually at Shorncliffe Military Cemetery. Not quite as well known is that 13 other Canadian Soldiers all from the Canadian Field Artillery who were killed in an earlier air raid were buried there. I say were because only the remains of 12 still lay buried at Shorncliffe.  Sgt 42623 Edward Charles Harris's remains were repatriated and now rest in St Catherines Cemetery Toronto. The air raid occurred on the 13th October 1915 at Otterpool Camp. Zepplin L14 dropped four bombs on the camp killing 14. Another soldier 86687 Harry James Rixon died on the 15th, he is buried at Easthamstead. One other soldier 86398 Pringle Borthwick is buried in Wilton Cemetery, Hawick. The soldiers killed in the air raid on the 13th October 1915 at Otterpool and are buried in Shorncliffe Military Cemetery  are: Charles Boeyckens, a Belgian from Antwerp who enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Buried apart from the other soldiers killed, he is buried very close to the Belgium plot in the cemetery in Plot C.123 (1) The others are buried in Plot O numbers O.303-O.313 inclusive. They are: 86372 David John Philips. Plot O.303 (2) 86436 Sydney George Lane who was born in Burgate Hampshire. Plot O.304 (3) 86503 Ernest William Bayes who hailed from Walthamstow in Essex. Plot O.305. (4) 86463 Richard Dyer Simpson. Plot O.306 (5) 86474 Richard Stewart Truscott. Plot O.307 (6) 86676 Charles Gordon Peterkin Plot O. 308 (7) 86658 Wilfred George Harris. Plot O.309 (8) 86552 Samuel McKay. Plot O.310. (9) 86791 Thomas Dickson. Plot O.311 (10) 86777 Henry Adrian Horn. Plot O.312. The epitaph reads "Fear not them who can kill the body but are not able to kill the soul." (11) 400004 Douglas Routledge Johnston. Plot O.313. The epitaph reads "Till the morning breaks and the shadows flee away". (12) Author: Peter Anderson (WW1 Blog) Sources: Surrey History Forum Kent History Forum Commonwealth War Graves Commission Website Service Records of Canadian Soldiers WW1
The ‘Friends’ are a volunteer group formed to protect, preserve and promote interest in this lovely old Victorian cemetery.