Friends of old Folkestone cemetery
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One of the dead from Folkestone. Francis Considine, here you lie in Shorncliffe Military Cemetery, forgotten for the best part of a hundred years. After your Mum and Dad died no one in your family knew you had ever existed. You were not even a faded photograph. The siblings all born after you had died were never told anything about you. I tracked down your Great Nephew a couple of years ago. He now includes you in his family tree and on his family web page. I wonder if you wanted to be a soldier like your dad, he survived the war and took your mum home to Canada. I am sure they always remembered you, but never told anyone about you. so when they died, in a way you did too. I know you died from a head wound, and I know it is no consolidation but I do not think they meant to kill you. I think they were aiming for the Railway line, and missed. You were collateral damage. It has been a good couple of years for you, apart from being dead, that is always a bit of a drag. Your old house is still standing in Oaks Road. I have resurrected you as your great nephew and his generation of your family now talk of you and you have pride of place in one of his web pages. Last year I managed to get the Shorncliffe trust to place a candle on your grave. Of course if you were sixteen and at Essex Farm i could get the 40 hommes 8 chevaux tours here by the boat load, but you are not. You are only five, killed by a German bomb. At least you have a gravestone. some of the children a little older than you might glance at your grave as they place flowers on the graves of the Canadian soldiers. they will of course be told how “young” they are. but you, at only five will be ignored. For them and others they erected huge costly monuments their names carved with pride. For you and the other children, many of whom lie in unmarked graves, nothing. We all should be ashamed of ourselves. Author: Peter Anderson (WW1 Blog)
The ‘Friends’ are a volunteer group formed to protect, preserve and promote interest in this lovely old Victorian cemetery.