Friends of old Folkestone cemetery
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On this page you can find a list of tasks which we believe need to be done, it is not in any specific priority order as we will tackle each project dependent on the resource and funding available at that time - and some of the things listed will be ongoing. All volunteers are very welcome - those who have specialist knowledge and skills are also very welcome to join the group either on an ad hoc basis or for longer.

Works in progress

To survey, record, restore and clean CWG’s - ongoing To survey, record, restore significant memorials - ongoing To define and mark unmarked graves of children ** ongoing To identify headstones which contribute to the Folkestone narrative - ongoing (see galleries) To clear pathways - ongoing To ensure regular grass-cutting, tree work and general maintenance is completed regularly by district council - now scheduled To preserve sanctuary for wildlife - ongoing (informal survey  completed) To identify VC’s (3) - found (pics placed on Galleries page) To arrange arboricultural visit by council to establish if any trees/bushes can be removed - completed - work to remove diseased trees is scheduled and has begun. Line of sight of Cross of Sacrifice restored.

cont/ . . . .

Arboricultural: Tree pruning, safe removal of self seeded bushes, ground maintenance - work by SDC and volunteers ongoing Stone Masons: Cleaning, preserving and repairing headstones and memorials Nature Conservancy: To create areas of sanctuary for wildlife and wild flowers - ongoing Historians: to create history walks using the narrative provided by the memorials and headstones. To clear away self seeded buddleia, other scrubby shrubs and deadwood from trees - ongoing To identify interested groups who may wish to become ‘friends’ - ongoing ** working with SDC to establish a ‘garden of remembrance’ for victims of the Gotha bombing, close to the main gate.
The ‘Friends’ are a volunteer group formed to protect, preserve and promote interest in this lovely old Victorian cemetery.