Friends of old Folkestone cemetery
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Gallery 1a More random pictures You can tell so much by looking at headstones - every one of them tells a story. Not only the family name, gender and age of the person buried there - but by considering the size of headstone, what its made of, the type of lettering, the symbols etched or molded into the headstone you can get a clearer picture of who that person was. Perhaps the wording will indicate their position in the community, or if they were from a wealthy family or not, whether they were  a member of a masonic lodge or battalion or brigade…and so much more. Some frequently used symbols include: a bird is a symbol of peace, a circle is an ancient symbol of eternity, clasped hands indicates a parting or farewell as well as unity in life and death, the heart is a symbol of life, love or immortality. We will add pictures of interesting headstones or memorial stones here alongside pictures of nature and ‘Friends’ helping to care for the cemetery.
The ‘Friends’ are a volunteer group formed to protect, preserve and promote interest in this lovely old Victorian cemetery.
some of our volunteers forgot their shoes?
A pair of boots, but not just any old boots….they are safety boots
We managed to catch Ross actually working!! :)
The Challenger group - lots of them - hidden amongst the trees, but my goodness did they do lots of work
No good hiding Giles, we know its you. Thank you so much for your support.
lovely sunny day, but very windy too
In the distance you can see Helen replacing flowers back onto graves as they had been blown away
One of our volunteers appears to have shrunk!
Armistice Day 2017